Restaurant Menu


Cheesy garlic bread 12.0
Crispy Cob | French onion and bacon dip inside a crispy cob loaf 12.0
Bruschetta | hand cut tomato and onion salsa served atop crunch turkish bread(V) 14.0
Natural (GF) Half dozen 20.0 Dozen 37.0
Kilpatrick (GF) Half dozen 22.0 Dozen 39.0
Mornay (GF) Half dozen 22.0 Dozen 39.0
Mini fillet mignon | served with wilted spinach & balsamic glaze (GF) 18.0
Pork belly bites | trickled in The Stirling’s special sticky sauce 18.0
Vegetable spring roll | Fresh made vegetable spring rolls served with sweet chilli dipping sauce 15.0
Fresh Sushi | Three thin hand rolled sushi rolls served with soy sauce for dipping 17.0
Trio of arancini balls | one each of mushroom, bolognaise and lamb shank hand rolled arancini balls 15.0
Lemon pepper squid | served with a chilli aioli dipping sauce 17.0
Pulled pork quesadilla | Flat tortilla folded with pulled pork, oozy mozzarella cheese and tomato salsa 18.0
Lamb shank ravioli | Our house made ravioli served with a fresh made tomato and red wine sauce 17.0
Pumpkin, feta and almond | Roast pumpkin, goat’s feta and almonds tossed through a baby spinach medley served with a balsamic glaze dressing 12.0 | 15.0
Thai Beef | Thai salad mix tossed through a medley of mixed lettuce served with our house made sweet thai dressed beef. 14.5 | 17.5
Caesar | Cos lettuce, bacon, croutons and parmesan cheese served with house made caesar dressing and a boiled egg 14.0 | 17.5
   ADD Chicken 9.0
For groups of 2 or more 40 per person
Share a tasting plank with your friends. Sample all entrees above
Red Throat Emperor | Oven baked red throat emperor fillet served with seasonal vegetables and lime, chilli mango salsa (GF) 35.0
Tequila Lime battered flathead | The Stirling’s house made tequila lime battered flathead served with chips, salad and house made tartar sauce 30.0
Sweet soy and ginger pork belly | Twice cooked pork belly served atop seasonal vegetables with our sticky sweet soy and ginger sauce (GF) 32.0
Balmoral Chicken | Poached chicken breast served with cauliflower rice and seasonal vegetables smothered in a creamy bacon and mushroom sauce (GF) 30.0
¼ Roast Chicken | 1/4 of a oven roasted chicken served with Sweet potato chips and our creamy garlic and thyme sauce (GF) 30.0
Lamb shank Ravioli | Our house made Ravioli served with a fresh made tomato and red wine sauce. 30.0
Mushroom risotto | Garlic fried mushrooms tossed through a creamy al dente risotto (GF) (V) 29.0
  Add | Chicken 9.0
Roast pumpkin and pine nut penne pasta  | Penne pasta tossed with roasted pumpkin and pine nuts in a cream sauce (V) 25.0
  Add | Chicken 9.0
350G MSA grass fed Rib Fillet 35.0
250G grass fed Eye Fillet 35.0
400G MSA grass fed Rump 35.0
All steaks are served with your choice of two sides and one sauce.
Sauces | Pepper, Mushroom, Dianne, Gravy or Creamy Garlic
Extra Sauce 2.0
Reef Topper | Prawn, calamari and scallop tossed through a creamy garlic sauce 18.0
Texas BBQ Pork Ribs slow roasted with chunky home-made fries & Stirling’s special slaw (GF)
Half Kilo 30.0
SIDES | Add to your entrees or main meal 
Creamy mashed potato (GF) 7.0
Steamed seasonal vegetables (GF) 7.0
Garden salad (GF) 7.0
Paprika corn cob 5.0
Chunky home-made fries (GF version available, please ask your waiter) 7.0
Onion rings 7.0
 Sweet potato chips 7.0
KIDS | Under 12 years only (with a free bowl of ice cream)
Spaghetti Bolognaise 15.0
150G MSA Grass fed Rump 15.0
Crumbed Chicken Wedges 12.0
Our delicious desserts are house made & flavours change regularly.
 Creme Brulee (GF) 13.0
 Chocolate Mousse (GF) 13.0
 Ice-cream Sundae (GF) 5.0 | 13.0
 Affogato (GF) 13.0
 Trio of Sorbet (GF) 10.0
 Please ask our wait staff for this week’s tempting selection.