Restaurant Menu


Cheesy garlic bread 12.0
Crispy Cob | with a trio of dips 12.0
Bruschetta | hand cut tomato and onion salsa served atop crunch turkish bread (V) 12.0
Natural (GF) Half dozen 20.0 Dozen 37.0
Kilpatrick (GF) Half dozen 22.0 Dozen 39.0


Lamp Rump | with minted red wine jus & house hollandaise sauce (GF) 20.0
Southern Style Crispy Chieken | with chipotle sauce 14.0
Meatballs | with bocconcini in a napoli sauce (GF) 14.0
Pork belly bites | with red wine jus & apple sauce (GF) 16.0
Duck spring rolls | with plum sauce 15.0
Wild mushroom arancini | with truffle aioli 12.0
Chorizo croquettes | with saffron aioli 12.0
Lemon pepper cajun squid  15.0
Harissa prawns | with coriander tomato salsa (GF) 20.0
For groups of 2 or more 40 pp
Share a tasting plank with your friends. Sample all entrees above
Confit duck with garlic sweet potato mash, onion jam, buttered greens and red currant jus (GF) 32.0
Crispy Barra atop crab and prawn rissoto with tomato salsa & home made lemon hollandaise sauce (GF) 38.0
Gnocchi al fungi with creamy white wine, wild mushroom & garlic gals with crumbled blue cheese 28.0
English style battered fish with malt vinegar, chips and salad 26.0
Lamb rump, beetroot & feta pesto, duck fat potato, buttered greens, minted red wine jus and hollandaise sauce 35.0
Prawn linguini with tomato & chilli sauce, rocket & lemon 29.0
Choose your protein, any two sides along with one of our delicious home made sauces
250g grass fed Eye Fillet 37.0
350 g MSA grass fed Rib Fillet 37.0
400g MSA Rump 35.0
Pork Belly 35.0
Pimp your meat with a reef topper (GF) 18
Prawns, calamari & scallop tossed through a creamy garlic sauce
Duck fat & rosemary kipfler potato 7.0
Beer battered chips 7.0
Sweet potato chips 7.0
Creamy mash potato 7.0
Garden salad 7.0
Rocket & parmesan salad 7.0
Red wine jus, pepper, mushroom, diane, creamy garlic, gravy 2.0
1/2 KG Texas BBQ Pork Ribs 30.0
slow cooked with BBQ marinade served with beer battered chips & corn with paprika butter
Old fashioned pasta bolognaise 12.0
Lovely rump steak with salad & chips 15.0
Plump chicken wedges with salad & chips 12.0
Battered fish with salad & chips 12.0
Creme Brulee with homade biscotti 13.0
Lemon Tart with white chocolate mousse 13.0
Chocolate tart with mascarpone berry coulis 13.0
Sticky date pudding, butterscotch sauce & ice cream 13.0
Ice-cram sundae (GF) 5.0 | 13.0
Affogato (GF) 13